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Kbc Registration Question - Season 9 2015

Kbc Registration Question  9 2015

Kbc End the season 8 2014 :
As we all know that Kaun Banega Crorepati ends with great thrill on 16th of November 2014.On the day Ranveer Singh, Govinda ,Parineeti and Ali came to play kbc with Sir Bachan and won an amount of 12lakh 50 thousands.Mr. Amitabh Bachan also welcome the winner of 50lakh Mrs. Archana Tirckey for her grat inspiration about her daughter who is suffering from bad disease. The season8 had to many great movements where two brothers won an amount of 7crore and become the first 7 crore winner and they are Achin and Sarthak.Play Gbjj now.

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So Now the question is When will Season 9 will Start

So the answer is Soon Kbc will Again Start on Sony Entertainment television.So Hold tight and wait for more three months with your phones.

So Good luck for next season.

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GBJJ Question kbc 9 2015

                                    Kbc Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot 2014-2015

Question for Date : For new kbc season 2015 

Will update on from 2015

Idea Users: 
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option A 
  • Can type 555456 12 if your answer is Option B
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option C
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option D 
BSNL Users:
  • Can dial 5052525 11 if your answer is Option A
  • Can dial 5052525 12 if your answer is Option B
  • Can dial 5052525 13 if your answer is Option C
  • Can dial 5052525 14 if your answer is Option D
Other User:
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> A to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> B to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> C to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> D to 5252525


Kbc 7 crore winner Narula brother

Kbc 7 crore winner

Kbc finally gets their first seven crore winner in the season 8 2014.This time two brothers named as Narula brothers played kbc and won 7crore rupees by answering all the answer correctly.

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Before them first 50lakh winner was Archana Tirckey.

The Narula brothers, Achin and Sarthak, from Delhi became the first ever contestants to win the highest prize of Rs 7 crore in reality game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati.'

See video here:
The Narula brothers emerged victorious after answering all the 14 questions correctly with the help of four lifelines in the show hosted by Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan.
Achin is a marketing manager and Sarthak is a student.

They Dance with Amitabh Bahcan with full of enjoyment after winning the amount of Seven crore.Mr. Amitabh Bachan also enjoy with them.

Kbc Idea Pass Registration question 3rd Dated 15th September - Live at 8.00PM

Kbc Idea Pass Registration

Kaun Banega Crorepati was recently giving the chance for one more time on Hotseat as Second round registration which was started on 9th of September and go on till 11th September.Get Latest news updates and Quick question only at . This time means from 13th September Only IDEA users can play Idea Pass Registration for being a part of Hotseat and play live Kaun Banega Crorepati with Sir Bachan.

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Last Date for Idea Users for be a part of HOTSEAT or KaunBanegaCrorepati.

The Last Question is updated and you have only the last chance to be on HOTSEAT this season.So answer quickly

Question for date 15th September 2014 updated.

Ques: 2014 marks the 200th anniversary of which sports venue?
             2014 स्थल खेल जो की 200 वीं वर्षगांठ के निशान है ?
B. Old Trafford
C. Lord's
D. Wimbledon

Lines open till tomorrow 16th September 2014 7.59.00 PM.Thanks Read more at

How to send Answer:

  1. Can call 5545601 If your answer is A
  2. Can call 5545602 If your answer is B
  3. Can call 5545603 If your answer is C
  4. Can call 5545604 If your answer is D
Can message also:

  • Sms KBC A and send it to 554567 If your answer is A
  • Sms KBC B and send it to 554567 If your answer is B
  • Sms KBC C and send it to 554567 If your answer is C
  • Sms KBC D and send it to 554567 If your answer is D

Question 2 Dated 14th August 2014 is updated.

  • Ques: Which of the Following Characters from the Hindu Epics was a married couple?
    • A. Yama -Yamuna
    • B. Drupada - Draupadi
    • C. Vasudeva - Yashoda
    • D. Lakshmana - Urmila
  •    एक शादीशुदा जोड़े हिंदू महाकाव्य से निम्न वर्ण का कौन सा था?

    • यम -यमुना 
    • द्रुपद - द्रौपदी 
    • वासुदेव - यशोदा 
    • लक्ष्मण - उर्मिला

Lines open till tomorrow 15th August 7.59 PM.

Only Idea Users can apply.

Question 1st Dated 13th September

Ques: By what name do we better know the TV Character Yudhisthir Sikarwar ?
          किस नाम से हम बेहतर टीवी चरित्र युधिस्ठिर  सिकरवार जानते हो?
A. Pradyuman
B. Yudh
C. Yuvi
D. Daya

Lines open till tomorrow 14th August 7.59 PM.

Kbc 8 News : Sonam and Fawad on the set of kbc

Kbc 8 News : Sonam and Fawad on the set of kbc

As Kaun Banega Crorepati goes on air its popularity also touches the sky.On the one place contestants win money and on the next side Celebrities come for promotion of their Film.Soon Peoples will see Sonam and Fawad on television for their next film 'Khubsoorat'. Read more at them Deepika and Arjun also come this year 2014 for their film promotion.

What Sir Amitabh Bachan Tells:

The company of stars on set … the lovely Sonam Kapoor along with the handsome Fawd Khan from Pakistan, who promote their film ‘Khoobsurat’ on KBC ..
But in the true sense of the word the real heroes are the ones that appear on KBC with their list of difficulties and issues .. and to see them playing the game for a cause which can resolve their most deepest problematic legacies in their individual homes .. is the most heartening to behold ..
Each day on set of KBC is a test of  not just our knowledge, but indeed the heart beats of the nation .. 
In the hallowed precincts of this unusual but rather intriguing game is hidden the substance which brings with it the essence of better times, a resolve resolved, a home getting back to being a home … the fulfilment of dreams and desires, mostly not for them selves, but for those that struggle among them ..
It is an honor and a most humbling experience to be among those that have never perhaps had the opportunities that we get within a whisshhh … to be with those that have suffered the pain of poverty and abuse and limited means .. to be with those that bring such reverence ever - their little hand made gifts of presentation and its reciprocation .. 
We are a nation of such deep magnitude and feeling that it shall be impossible to fathom our real selves .. 
We ourselves would find it difficult to express what it means to us when we confront these issues …


Kbc Registration process and date

1. KBC Registration for All users starting 5th May to 14th May
2. For IDEA Users starting from 20th May to 25th May
3. Jodi Special General Users 14th to 16th May
4. Jodi Special Idea Users 25th May to 27th May 2014.